WATCH: Video of dog fetching toddler from bus goes viral

They say dog is man’s best friend – and this video just confirms it once again.

In a short clip posted by a Twitter page, The Feel Good Page you can see a really excited dog barking at the open door of a school bus.

His tail is wagging and he’s clearly very excited to see whoever it is he is waiting for.

When he sees his tiny human, a little girl, coming towards the door, he excitedly jumps in to grab her backpack, tail still wagging.

She doesn’t seem to be as excited as her furry friend.

After waving goodbye to the bus driver, her dog also does what looks like a wave with the backpack – we assume thanking the bus driver for bringing his human home safe.

The video has been viewed more than 21 000 times since it was shared on Twitter on Saturday. Tweeps are loving the excitedness of the dog.

“The dog literally nodded bye AFTER being courteus and taking her little back pack! Too sweet!”

“Omg. Isn’t he just the best pup? So smart. And he seems so happy to see his little friend. Love it.”

If there’s one thing we know – people love seeing pets and kids do adorable things!

Watch the video below:

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