7 MO up every hour plzzzz help

My daughter turned 7 MO 2 days ago. She takes GREAT naps. No problem there. Yes we have a bed time routine. Yes it is the same time every day. Yes I am very cranky f**ing writing this lol sorry, trying to answer any obvious questions. She is teething. I use a natural teething oil and sometimes if it’s really bad a half dose of Tylenol. So I sleep trained her for TWO weeks when she turned 6 MO (Ferber method). It took 2 weeks but it worked- for about a week. My husband works normally 6 days, 60 hour work weeks so I don’t have much help at home or with the baby, ESPECIALLY on sleep training. He was gone for those 2 weeks came home and instead of listening on how the method works, immediately went into her room to pick her up and soothe her crying. The ENTIRE TWO WEEKS OUT THE WINDOW. Anyways *eye twitches, I re-trained her. It worked for a solid 4 days. She started to wake up every 2 hours. I like breast feeding (she bottle feeds during the day, no she won’t take a breast during the day, YES I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING) so i trained her to wake up twice a night to feed. By the time she would stop crying it would be time to feed. So I just completely gave up because I was up all night with her anyways following these bullshit wait 8 mins, wait 15 mins guidelines and it obviously was NOT working. So now we are at the point she is up every 45 minutes to an hour. CIO does not work she just keeps crying til it’s time to feed. Feeding her she still gets up in an hour. Not picking her up and rubbing her back she’s up in 45 minutes. I. Am. Losing. It. Soooo tired. Please help me ffs

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