IN PICS: Local party planner fulfils every young girl’s party goals

As children grow up, they realise how important and special their birthdays are. Parents are, therefore, always pressured to make the day super special and memorable for them. The planning and execution is always a mission, especially for those super-specific young girls.

Local party planner Natasha Jooste’s The Children’s Party Company brings to life the perfect tween birthday celebration. She just launched her recent party concept – the Spa Teepee Party, and it looks like a hit already.

The company has existed for 12 years, and she puts together a theme-based party according to the theme chosen by the parents. She caters to children of all age groups. The Spa Teepee Party is recommended for children from the age of 3.

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She designs and sets up the perfect spa date for the party attendees and includes spa packages with one therapist for every four children. Everyone in attendance receives their own mirror, mask brush, bowls, towels, and rose clay face mask.

The pictures below are from a party she organised for a 10-year-old girl who is obsessed with pretty things.

The concept was birthed from a consciousness of our current reality. Each girl had their own products to use and their own teepees to maintain hygiene and social distancing rules.

“The idea was birthed from looking at how we were gonna transform and adapt our business to the possible new normal and trying to socially distance kids, even though it’s very difficult to do that” Jooste says.

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She makes sure she abides by COVID-19 regulations, checking the kid’s temperature on arrival and uses an environmentally friendly spray that keeps pathogens from your clothing and body for up to 6 hours.

Parents can choose their theme and she will plan and execute according to their requirements, even during COVID times.

Facials, manis, and pedis are every girl’s dream.

Nicole helps make it come true.

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