When should you talk to your daughter about menstruation?

As a parent, you watch your child grow from being a baby to an adult. For a lot of parents, the child stays a baby even though their age says otherwise. Often for parents, it is hard to accept that your little one is growing up, let alone having to talk to them about things like menstruation.

Unfortunately, menstruation is an inevitable part of any young girl’s life. The worst would be getting one and having no clue why you are bleeding. It could be a scary experience for a young girl, but knowledge truly is power. Understanding what is happening to their bodies gives them the assurance that nothing terrible is happening to them.

Here are 3 signs that it’s time to have the menstruation talk with your daughter:

She is around 10 to 15-years-old

Even though timelines may vary in different people and there is no right age when all women start menstruating, according to Kids Health Organisation, “most girls get their first period when they are around 12”. 

“But getting it any time between ages 10 and 15 is also ok.

She is asking a lot about how her body works

Often as women, we notice things changing with our bodies for a while before we share with mom or friends. So when your daughter starts asking questions with regards to her body, listen and encourage it so that you get the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions she may have.

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Her breasts have started to develop

Before she gets her actual menstruation, your child may have already started to develop breasts.

“Most of the time, a girl gets her period about two years after her breasts start to develop,” says Kids Health Organisation.

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