WATCH: This adorable baby playing with his dog will make your day

There’s an adorable video of a baby having fun with his pet dog doing the rounds on the internet – and we literally have it on loop because it’s so cute.

The 40-second clip was shared by Simon BRFC Hopkins who posts the sweetest videos of animals and babies on his Twitter account. So far, it’s already had 7.3k views.

In the clip you see the cute baby crawling around the carpet in the lounge. As he moves around, his pet dog plays with him, pretending he’s trying to stop him.

It’s clear that both the baby and the dog are thoroughly enjoying their game of catch-me-if-you-can – the baby bursting into giggles every time the dog ducks and dives as he moves towards him.

The baby is all smiles as his dog licks his cheek, and urges him on with their little game.

In the background, you can hear a female, probably the baby’s mom, giggling at their antics, too.

And judging by the flood of response the clip has received since it was posted, parents everywhere agree that it’s the cutest thing they’ve seen, many posting heart emoticons in the comments section.

Watch the video below:

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