Do you remember these toys? Fisher-Price launches virtual toy museum

Just like our kids, we all had our favourite toys when we were growing up. Now you can take a trip down memory lane, and show your kids the toys you played with when you were little.

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, popular toy manufacturer Fisher-Price has launched the coolest virtual toy museum. The museum lives on Instagram, taking you through a colourful and interactive exhibition of images and videos of its most popular toys from each decade.

Artist and designer Leila Fakouri says: “These toys were designed and created in a variety of time periods spanning almost a century. Each decade has its own style, colours, vibe and nostalgic memories. I focused on bringing this to life by curating a beautiful and complex variety of installations that reflect the visual language of each time.”

“The Fisher-Price Toy Museum was inspired by the idea that, whether you were born in the 1950s, 1980s or 2000s, everyone has a memory of their favorite childhood toy, and many of those are from Fisher-Price,” adds Chuck Scothon, SVP and Global Head of Infant and Preschool, Mattel. “The intent of this museum is to take visitors back to their unique childhood experiences, and give them the opportunity to relive their youth, even if just for a few moments.”

Do you remember any of these toys?


Sniffer Dog was a much loved wooden toy that had oil cloth ears, a spring and ball tail and four rubber feet.

Image: Fisher Price Toy Museum|Instagram


Coaster Boy was a wooden toy that could be pushed onto his cart to “coast” and then come back to push.

Iamge: Mattel


The first Corn Popper came out in 1957 and is still sold today.

Image:Fisher Price Toy Museum|Instagram


The Chatter telephone had numbers for dialing, wheels for pulling and a mouth for smiling.

Image: Mattel


The Family Play School came with a teacher and four students with enough desks and playground equipment for all. It also came with 26 magnetic letters, 10 magnetic numbers, an attached chalkboard, eraser and chalk.

Image: Mattel


These blue and yellow rollerskates were adjustable and could be put over your shoes so you could cruise around the neighbourhood.

Image: Fisher Price Toy Museum|Instagram


DinoROARS were around in the 1990s – soft, pillowy bodies with terrifying Triassic roars.

Image: Fisher Price Toy Museum|Instagram


Kasey the Kinderbot was a little robot made in 2002 that had an interactive screen and several cartridges to help teach you various skills, including other languages. Btu the best was he could do the Hokey Pokey.

Image: Fisher Price Toy Museum|Instagram


The Musical Lion Walker could not only teach you how to sit and play, but also how to stand and walk! It also had a peek-a-boo mirror.

Image: Fisher Price Toy Museum|Instagram

BeatBo got the kids’ party going with its multi-color LED grid tummy and signature dance move, the head nod.

Image: Fisher Price Toy Museum|Instagram

And in case you’re starting to think about Christmas holiday shopping, the virtual toy museum also links to a gift shop that’s selling limited numbers of 16 products that include retro lunchboxes with Little People imagery.

To visit the museum, click here.

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