The happiness on these kids’ faces after getting a Santa Shoebox is everything!

A 7-year old little boy named Lyanda, was the one millionth pledge for The Santa Shoebox Project.

He was chosen by Zanele Ngubane, a mother of two young girls in Pietermaritzburg. Zanele pledged 10 Shoeboxes, on behalf of her Team Leader, Michelle Wilson, at Honey Fashion Accessories. As an Organisational Development Consultant, Zanele put the Project forward to the Company, and offered to assist with their pledge. Lyanda was the last of the pledges made by Zanele at 7pm on Monday 12 October – their one millionth child!

Zanele Ngubane

Zanele Ngubane who made little Lyanda’s day

Irené Pieters, founder of the Santa Shoebox Project says “When Dee Boehner, Cecilia Gronwall and I started out we did not plan to reach a million children. We had fun and we were making a difference – a true recipe for success. No one could possibly have imagined how this project would expand into the lives of so many people. I wish to thank ALL our Supporters from 2006 till today – donors, sponsors, volunteers and caregivers alike – for making it possible for one million underprivileged children to receive their very own Santa Shoebox – uplifting and inspiring every single one with loving generosity.”

Don’t stop now!

The Project urges supporters NOT to stop pledging. Having exceeded 60% pledged, there are still approximately 30 000 children countrywide without pledges. Namibia is fully pledged.

Shoeboxes are already being dropped off at participating Hyprop Shopping Centres, and Santa Shoebox Drop Off events will be opening from today. Drop off dates depend on the area, and all information is available on the Santa Shoebox website here.

Some of the happy kids who’ve received their Santa Shoebox

Safety first

In the interests of volunteer and beneficiary safety, donors are asked to please sanitise their hands and wear a mask when packing their Shoeboxes, and to do so a minimum of 3 days before dropping their Shoeboxes off.

Virtual Santa Shoeboxes are offered to donors unable to do their own shopping, packing and dropping off. These are made by teams of volunteers, and allocated to children living in remote areas of South Africa. Due to the lack of donors in rural areas, these children would otherwise not receive a Santa Shoebox, and quite possibly no end-of-year gift at all.

All Santa Shoeboxes are trackable via the Santa Shoebox App which is available from Google Play and the App Store. Track your Shoebox from the moment you pledge to the magical moment the child receives their very own lovingly-created Santa Shoebox!

For more information on how you can pledge a Santa Shoebox visit

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