5 preemie essentials to make your little hero’s NICU stay more comfortable

Moms with preemie babies already have their hands full and shouldn’t have to run around to find clothes, nappies and dummies that’s suitable for their baby.

Preemie clothes and nappies isn’t something you stock-up on – no one expects their little one to come a little sooner than planned. Having a prem baby in the NICU is already stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about where you’re going to find clothes, nappies and other essentials for your baby.

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Founder of Little Little Prem, Nicolle Grosskopf, and a mom to a 34-weeker preemie suggests these products to make your preemie’s NICU stay a little more comfortable.

Silicone soothies, R55

Click here to order your silicone soothie.

Preemie Octopus, R80

Your baby holds onto the umbilical cord while he’s still in your womb. The tentacles of this cute octopus replicates the umbilical cord and provides some comfort for your little one. The tentacles also stops baby from pulling out tubes and essentials monitoring cables attached to him.

Preemie Octopus

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NICU Heart, R10 (for 1 heart)

This soft little heart helps moms and dads to bond with their preemie while he’s in NICU. Wear the soft heart on you for a couple of hours and then leave it with your baby.

NICU heart

Click here to order.

Small Preemie Nappy, R165 for pack of 30 nappies

The WeePee nappy is designed for premature babies to ensure comfort and fit. Suitable for babies weighing 800g – 1.25kg.

Small Preemie Nappy

Click here to order.

Preemie Bottles, R70

These bottles are specifically for preemie babies. The price Includes one bottle with 1 preemie teat and 1 standard teat.

Preemie bottles

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Other places to get preemie clothes and nappies

Little Lumps

They have a really extensive range of preemie clothing. You’ll be able to get everything you need there for your prem baby – from Babygro sets and short-sleeve onesies to personalised beanies and onesies.

Little Lumps Preemie clothes

Click here to start shopping.

Dis-Chem and

Both Dis-Chem and stock preemie nappies in various sizes.

Huggies Preemie Nappies

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