WATCH: Every mom with a newborn needs this Sleeping Fish!

Most babies fall asleep faster when you pat their bum while rocking them. This can sometimes takes a while if your baby takes long to drift off.

That’s we just love the Sleeping Fish for Babies! It automatically pats your baby’s bum for you while he’s lying down, freeing your hands up so you can get dinner ready or fold the laundry.

Apparently, this handy gadget has undergone rigorous scientific and clinical research to ensure the best frequency of patting to help calm your baby down and help him sleep quicker. You can also play your baby music from a selection of kids songs and choose from 6 LED lights.

Best of all you don’t have to hassle with batteries because it comes with a convenient USB charging cable.

The Sleeping Fish is available in 4 different colours and can be bought online here.

Watch the video of how the sleeping fish works below:

Sleeping Fish For Babies

🙌Free your hands,let your baby fall asleep quickly!💕Ideal gift for children and newborn parents!

Posted by Soursuger- on Friday, October 9, 2020

Here’s what some moms and dads have said about this clever fish:

“Now this is a good alternative to patting their butts all the time.” – Livv Galanti
“Omg I needed this from months 2-4.” – Allie Owen
Zoe Whittaker-McGinty why didn’t we have this?” – Pretty Braids
“Angelica Gonzalez this would’ve saved me a lot of trouble with Cami.” – Joselin Gonzalez
“Laura Selanders guess what little dude is getting as a gift from his Aunt Beka?” – Rebekah McDaniel Smith

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