WATCH: Dad organises the best gender reveal party EVER

The trend of gender reveals has come under fire, sometimes, very literally. In some states, hectares of land burned from a poorly executed gender reveal idea. These accidents have made the woman who started the trend to call out for the cancellation of these parties that started with a simple homemade cake.

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Now, we have seen a game-changer and a dad was responsible.

Organising a boxing match between a baby girl and a boy blow-up doll, the doll that knocks the other one out first is the winning gender.

Getting over 136 000 shares on Facebook, thousands of people are impressed, with some saying, “If this is a man’s idea of a gender reveal than YES, I WANT THIS. If I ever have a child then Im’a let him do ittttt.” The video was also shared on the official ESPN Twitter account.

This is the most original, safe, and entertaining gender reveal on the internet. It was not overboard but also very sentimental as well.

It’s a big yes from us.

Watch the video below:

*This article was originally published on The Citizen Parenty.

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