Meet Kristen Lisa Strahlendorf! Living & Loving’s resident Educational Psychologist

Worried that your child is struggling at school? Worried about her emotional development? Sometimes our kids go through things when we don’t know how to best help them. Kristen Lisa Strahlendorf is an experienced Educational Psychologist who has been in private practice for the past six years. She has worked with various schools where she helped many families.

She’ll be joining the Living & Loving team where she will write about all aspects of child development we as parents often worry about. If you have a specific question for Kristen, you can email or leave your question on our Facebook page.

Kristen studied Psychology at the University of Johannesburg where she graduated with a B. Ed Honours Degree in Psychology. Her passion in understanding and assisting children with both learning difficulties and mental challenges continued as she went on to complete her Master degree in Educational Psychology.

Kristen’s focus is mainly working within a systemic environment and looking at the child holistically. She is passionate about children who do not fit the mould, children who look at the world slightly differently. Her passion is assisting these children in particular in helping them to reach their true and full potential both academically and emotionally and ensuring their well-being.

Kristen firmly believes in assisting not only the child but involving and helping the parents to adjust and work together in a healthy and productive manner. She has always believed and aligned to the motto of ‘Learn, Develop and Grow’ in which she strives towards this personally while trying to instill and pass this on to her clients. Kristen also advocates through her client therapies and outlooks, that no matter where they are, who they are or what they do, that they are enough!

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