Make those boring t-shirts and baby grows go further with these easy add ons

All you need is a couple of plain T-shirts and babygro’s, glue, different materials, different buttons and some lace and you can turn a plain shirt or babygro into a designer item!

The T-shirt tie

  • Simply cut the shape of a tie out of some funky fabric and hem the edges. You can stitch it on by hand, use your sewing machine, or simply just glue it on.

Red checkered bow

  • Cut out a rectangular shape for the actual bow. Hem the sides, gather in the centre and stitch on.

Crocheted flowers and leaf

  • Cut out a leaf shape from green fabric and sew or glue on little flowers (available at fabric shops or local haberdashery stores).

Pimp your babygro

A little lace goes a long way

  • Unless you’re able to find stretchy lace, simply stitch a strip of lace to the front of the babygro (leaving the back untouched, so that it’s still comfortable to wear and won’t restrict movement).
  • Make a simple flower from fabric and voila.

Black beaded necklace

  • This fashion statement will always be in style. These were simply drawn on with a permanent marker (use a small side plate to help trace the U-shape of the necklace). Paint in the beads with fabric paint and sew on your bow.

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