Create Pearl Modiade’s baby nursery for less with these bargain finds

There’s nothing more exciting than getting your baby’s room ready – but it can also be really disappointing when you have an idea in your head of what you want it to look like, but there’s just no way you can afford it.

After seeing Pearl Modiade’s stylish nursery on Instagram this weekend, we were inspired to help you create the same look – but without the extra expense of an interior decorator and keeping your tight budget in mind.

If you love her baby’s room as much as we do and want something similar for your little one, here’s what you’ll need and where to buy it.

Walls and furniture

We love the bright blue and white decor.

The walls look like they’re painted a midnight blue. You can get a 5L tin of Midnight Blue paint from Builders for R448. The amount of paint you’ll need will depend on the size of your baby’s room.

Midnight blue paint

Baby name plate

We love the big, gold plaque above the cot with Pearl’s son’s name and there are many options available at an affordable price. Depending on your budget, you can order a gold acrylic name plate from Ma Petite for R390. If your budget doesn’t allow for this, you can go with a vinyl sticker instead that only costs R180 from A Place to Shop. The vinyl sticker is only available in black, stone, grey or white.

Child's name Vinyl Sticker


You don’t really need a compactum, you can use a normal chest of drawers as well that you can paint with the same colour paint as the walls. Just check with the staff at Builders or wherever you buy your paint from, which paint is best to use on wood.

Builders have a white enamel chest of drawers for R1 800.

Chest of drawers

If that price is still a little too high for you, have a look at second hand furniture stores for a chest of drawers that you can sand down and paint. Also ask moms on the Facebook groups you joined if they don’t perhaps have any second hand furniture they want to sell.

White carpet

We LOVE this white carpet in Pearl’s nursery, but you might find that it gets dirty really quickly!

If you have your heart set on it, you can buy one from Builders for R795.

White Carpet


There are many shops where you can pick up curtains for a bargain – start with your local China Mall or see if Mr Price Home, Sheet Street, Woolworths or any of those shops don’t have curtains on sale.

Mr Price currently has these Microfibre Taped Curtains (150 x 218cm) in store at R379.99 for a 2 pack.


Rocking chair

A rocking chair is always a very expensive item and you really need to look at your budget and decide if it’s really necessary for one. A cheaper alternative is to look for a rocking chair or just any comfortable chair at a second hand furniture store and have it reupholstered in white. But, then again, they often say it can be more expensive to reupholster furniture – so look at the cost of each option and then make your decision.

You can also check stores like DecoFurn Furniture, Game, Makro and Mr Price Home for affordable arm chairs you can use as a feeding chair in your nursery.

The cheapest one we found was this grey tub arm chair from DecoFurn Furniture for R1 899.

Arm chair

Changing mat

There are hundreds of options available – both online and in stores. Once again, the type of changing mat you get will depend on what you can afford.

This Snuggletime AfterBath Mattress available from only costs R139.

Changing Mat

Collapsible mobile frame

If your husband or a friend or family member is good with making things, ask them to make you a collapsible mobile frame like the one below from Ruby Melon. If you want to buy one, they are available from for R375.

Mobile frame

You then still need the dangling toys to keep baby busy while you change his nappies. You can buy these from for R339, or you can make your own little dangly animals to hang from the frame your husband made. You can also use one of these cot mobiles you can make yourself and hang it from the roof above the changing mat.

Dingle Dangle Toys

Plush toys

You don’t need the tallest giraffe or the biggest bear – your baby will eventually want to play with it. So, choose a size that you can afford and you know your little one will enjoy playing with when he’s a little bigger. Also remember to shop around for this before you buy. You might just pick up a bargain somewhere.

This adorable Douglas Bentley Giraffe is 51cm tall and costs R450 from


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