I’m becoming a doula, and I need to interview two moms before I can get certified!

Hello parents of r/babies! I have a favor to ask. I’m currently in training to become both a birth doula and a postpartum doula- a doula is someone who provides support to the mother before, during, and/or after the birth of their baby. Sometimes doulas are compared to midwives, because we are women who specialize in childbirth, but doulas aren’t medical professionals- our role is to provide information and assistance, be an advocate for the mom/parents, and just generally help a new mom or new parents make the transition from pregnancy to being parents. So this is where I need your help. For the next step of the birth and postpartum doula training (I am also getting certified as a breastfeeding counselor and childbirth educator), I have to interview two mothers from cultures other than my own about their birth and postpartum practices. I am a white Irish American; almost everyone I know here in the US has their baby at a hospital with medical interventions. I am looking for someone from a non modern American/Canadian culture (except for Indigenous American/Canadian) who has had a baby/is having a baby, or who knows someone who fits this bill. I’d ask a few questions about the cultural practices surrounding birth and the postpartum period, nothing serious. I am happy to do this through email or zoom or whatever works for you. I would seriously appreciate it 🙂 please PM me if you’re interested! I love all your babies posted here! Keep it up everyone!!

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