WATCH: Mom finds the perfect way to get around the shops quickly while pushing the pram

Shopping with your baby can be quite a chore, especially if you’re in a rush, and have things to do, but a mom in the Ukraine thinks she’s got the perfect solution – her Segway! And it’s got social media in a stir.

In the video clip, which has gone viral since it was posted by @ViralHog, the mom is seen coming out of a shop with her baby girl in a stroller. Next, we see her reaching down for the two-wheeled, electric-powered vehicle she’s obviously brought along, too.

As she gets onto the pavement, she hops on to the self-balancing device and steers the stroller down the road like an old pro.

While the device is used as a convenient way to travel around town, especially overseas, commentators have been quick to point out the dangers of pushing a baby in a stroller in this way and have labelled her a “bad mama” for being so irresponsible.

Others, however, have found it funny, applauding the mom for her smart thinking. Their thinking? Why walk with your baby when you can take her for a ride in double-time?

Watch the video below:

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