Which tooth should come out first? This easy infographic explains what to expect when baby is teething

The day your child pops their first baby tooth is a day to celebrate… and then to panic. Yes, your child is growing up… teething issues are real! There are lots of “home” remedies to help with teething pain, but that’s a topic on its own.

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Teeth start appearing between 6-10 months. The first teeth to come out are usually the incisors (the two teeth at the bottom).

The lateral incisors come out between 10-16 months followed by the first molars between 14-18 months, canines between 17-23 months and second molars between 23-31 months.

The general trend is for the bottom teeth to come out before the top teeth. There are loads of kids that only pop their first baby tooth at 4 months and some after 12 months!

If you feel something isn’t right just see your closest or favourite paediatric dentist (C/FPD). Every case needs to be evaluated on its own.

To answer the question from a mom: “My 5-month-old has two white dots in his mouth at the back. Not sure what it is. Could it be teeth?”

The short answer is, without a proper clinical assessment one can’t really say. Although, the chances are super-duper low. Either way, with dentistry, I’ve realised never say never! And also, never make a diagnosis on what you just heard. I would recommend that the mom in question make an appointment with the C/FPD and get the white dots checked out. If the baba allows, an X-Ray would be beneficial, but if the child is in good health and there’s nothing else that is worrisome, I wouldn’t really put the child through any unnecessary examinations.

Below is an awesome infographic on when you can expect your child’s teeth to come out… but beware, don’t take it to too seriously as it will stress you out. This is just a guideline.

Teething chart

Credit: Wiggly Teeth kids general dentistry

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