‘What if they swap my baby in hospital’ and other fears moms have about giving birth

It’s natural for moms-to-be to have fears around the birth of your child. As you get closer to your due date, chances are that there’s a million scenarios playing through your head about what can go wrong. But, more often than not that’s all they are – fears – and when you see again, you’re holding your beautiful, healthy baby in your arms.

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We asked Living & Loving moms to share their labour and birth fears with other expecting mommies to let you know that you’re not alone on this journey and that everything will be okay.

Moms, what was your biggest fear about giving birth?

Posted by Living & Loving Online on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Going into labour and having a normal birth. I had to have a planned c-section with my daughter 2.5 yrs ago and it actually saved her life and avoided any complications. The chord was wrapped around her neck so i was very lucky she came out the “sunroof” and gently lifted out.I had an unbelievable birth and got to experience it all with no pain and the most important thing she was safely and gently delivered 💗my recovery was fantastic and i had no pain, went home with panados. Having my second child in 3 weeks and hoping for the same birth experience with him- complication free and a safe delivery via c- section with no pain💗” – Morag Wilson

“Losing my my twin boys to pre eclampsia that was my biggest fear but we give God all the honour he was in control.” – Leeanne Ruiters

Dying while giving birth, leaving daddy behind alone with a brand new baby and not a clue what to do 😭” – Natanya Wait

Complications that may cause death 😟” – Synthia Mudungwe

Having an episiotomy or a cesarean. I was fortunate to not have one of the two with one of my babies 🥰” – Leilani van der Wath

Loosing a baby and going home empty handed….carrying bags only.” – Abbie Muzenda

Currently giving birth alone… I’m so scared don’t know how I’m going to do it without hubby being there. Having a baby after 7 years everything is just so overwhelming.” – Chelanay Kelly David

My baby ending up in ICU during COVID.” – Glurnis Hopper

“Still birth😥😥” – Nondumiso Jack

The hospital switches my baby with another 😩😩😩” – Talitha Kelsey

If i die after who will look after him.” – Thulisile Carol Segane

If they mistakenly swap babies… And I go home with someones baby.” – Doll Enonok Zendetha

Mine was a ceasarian. I’m a nurse and Ive seen many ceasarians performed. It really frightened me. Unfortunately I suffered from PET and had to have an emergency ceasarian. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was quite painless and gentle. Even afterwards.” – Chaundre Snell

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