WATCH: Inside Minnie Dlamini Jones’s stunning blue and white baby shower

The gorgeous Minnie Dlamini Jones had a stunning baby shower over the weekend, the stylish blue-themed event giving away Baby Jones’s gender to the delight of family, friends and fans.

The glowing TV host, dressed in a gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress and sexy heels, a crown of flowers in her hair, and a mama-to-be sash draped over her baby bump, took to Instagram soon after to post a snap of herself.

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In the post, she reveals to her fans, “It’s a boy.”

The baby shower was a stylish, intimate event with close family and friends, including the baby’s god mother, TV reality star Shawn Mkhize, who also posted pics on Instagram from the event.

Mam’Mkhize also shared a cute video on her account where she gives Minnie’s baby bump an affectionate rub, saying, “Are we kicking?” Minnie laughs and responds, “We are kicking, baby is big”.

Watch the video below to see what Minnie’s baby shower looked like.

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