READ: Grade 3’s were asked to write a letter to God and this is what they said

Kids can drive you up the wall – but they can also crack you up with some of the things they come up with. That’s what we love so much about them – the fact that they can be so honest and direct in their young innocence.

What we also love is the unique way they see the world – the way they pick up on the many things we try to to teach them from a very young age. Even if they don’t always understand it. And also how perceptive they are about everything going on around them.

A teacher recently asked her Grade 3 class to put their questions to God, and they rose to the challenge, penning them down in the cutest messages to the supreme being they’ve been taught about. They’re also really funny.

The letters would probably have been stuffed in the teacher’s desk drawer or turfed in the bin somewhere, but thanks to Twitter user @GospelJosiah he somehow got hold of them, sharing them with moms and dads across social media.

And we’re so glad he did, because as he says, “It’s mind blowing and innocently funny.”

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