Pearl Modiadie is celebrating being a mama – whether you like her pics or not!

New first time mom and TV presenter Pearl Modiadie has been feeling nostalgic and sharing beautiful snaps of her baby bump on social media. Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling the love, because some people have come out criticising her for “showing too much skin”.

But Pearl, who kept much of her pregnancy under wraps, is not having any of it. Over the weekend she slammed the haters on her Instagram story and told them in no uncertain terms that they’re welcome to unfollow her if they don’t like the content she chooses to post.

“If you can’t stand seeing a bare pregnant belly, you’re welcome to get off my page, unfollow or block. Your negative comments are not welcome here! Also, stop feeling so entitled, I don’t owe you anything. To everyone else, thanks for the love. I am happy to share this journey with you,” she wrote.

Image: Pearl Modiadie|IG story

The photos which are causing quite a stir are portraits of her almost in the nude, holding her precious baby bump.

It’s clear from her posts that she’s loving being a new mama and is embracing every aspect of it with the support of her family and baby daddy.

She recently tweeted: “I’m learning… some days have been better than others, but my goodness… having my baby in my arms is an indescribable feeling. I melt when I look at that little face.”

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