Moms react to news of Cuties sexualisation charge

The French film Cuties have been in the limelight over the last couple of weeks – and not in a good way. The movie received a bad rap when Netflix first started streaming it last month. Last week news broke that Netflix are being charged for the sexualisation of minors for the film and South African moms have had really strong reactions to this news.

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Here’s what they said:

Netflix gets charged for the sexualisation of minors for the film #Cuties:

Moms what do you think about the movie? Have you watched it?

Posted by Living & Loving Online on Thursday, October 8, 2020

I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Don’t wanna give judgement to the parents of that kids cos that is not my place. I just think the movie was very inappropriate and can’t believe how it was allowed in the first place.” – Tasneem Adams

The fact that they stand by the film is disgusting.” – Neo Mokobedi

Canceled our Netflix account – we will not support them.” – Lana Raphael

Whose children are those? I can’t believe the world has gone this horrible! The director/creators of the same film must be charged too!” – Zakwethu Ditle

Hope these parents and dance instructors, litterly anyone that was part in making this show gets investigated. There is something wrong with your minds if you on any level thought this show is acceptable!!” – Gwendoline Van Den Bergh

I watched the movie start to finish. The clothes these kids are wearing are no different to the outfits i see every young girl wearing in the woolies and pick n pay with their mothers. The outfits mothers are buying at h&m and cotton on. Young kids are exposed to music videos, social media etc and they aspire to be famous like those ppl. They’ll dance to the music at home and you think its cute but suddenly a movie showing a lot more than 15min of dancing- most of the movie looks at actual struggles of bullying, fitting in, cultural differences, mom having to deal with polygamy etc – yes it makes you uncomfortable but sometimes it evokes conversation that needs to be had. Maybe now you will think twice before letting your 12 year old walk in the shop with shorts barely covering her bum because the men are oggling her.” – Adele Geldenhuys Koolen

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I watched it and it think some gals thier age go through the same but the content was not put right n at the end they should have shown the consequences of their actions.” – Mashudu Ngobeni Mash

I am really trying to understand what the message behind this is, but all I can think of are those little babies being exploited for a stupid film, showing them off to every pervert with Netflix. That right there is dumb, parents are basically putting their kiddies in straight view of sex offenders, and getting paid for it, only to confirm what we already know..” – Lientjie Du Plessis

Well no matter which way we look at what was portrayed on that movie is sadly happening in real life.this should be an eye opener to parents who have an unstable marriage and what the impact of it can do to a child.. most if us didnt look at the deep meaning behind the movie most just concentrated on the semi naked girls and dancing.. girls are dancing this way on other social media platform,exposing their half dressed selfies on social media, but only Netflix is getting dragged through the mud..” – Farhana Mohamed

I watched the movie and it’s terrible, they could have made the film and gotten the same msg across in a way more tasteful manner. This film is like candy for pedophiles because of how visual and graphic it is. Normalising this type of production to convey a msg is not ok!” – Michéle Silva Van Wyk

While I don’t condone children being sexualized in any way or form to incite pleasure or interest, has everyone even WATCHED the movie and not just the clips? To me, after watching the film, it is a commentary on how these days the sexuality of the role model has become the primary focus of many music videos… Madonna was very openly sexual for her time and little girls ran around dressing like her, dancing like her, singing “Like A Virgin” without fully understanding the concept and implications of the line “touched for the very first time”. With the likes of Cardi B and Nikki Minaj, etc. now the popular artists influencing our young girls with their lyrics and dance moves what do you expect to happen? I am not saying it’s right, I am not saying it’s wrong, but I am saying that maybe CUTIES was a commentary on how popular culture is affecting the sexual awakening of our children way before they are ready or able to comprehend their dance moves. I watched the movie, and the instances of girls dancing in this manner (we frequently see on ALL music video channels) is maybe 10 minutes of the entire 1hr30+ movie. Watch the movie and lets be more restrictive of the role models we allow in our kids lives. I’d love to hear your views if you watched the movie. #NoToChildSexualization #YesToSocialCommentaryOnHowManyModernFemaleRoleModelsAreExpressingSexualityOvertlyAndItTranslatesIntoTheNorm.” – Shika Budhoo

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