WATCH: Toddler makes unlikely friend during COVID-19 pandemic

We first thought this was a Halloween prank, but it turns out that a 2-year-old boy from Utah in the USA really has latched on to a most unusual toy during the pandemic. And it’s making everyone smile!

Yes, it’s an unlikely friendship, but according to his mom Abigail Brady, little Theo loves his skeleton so much that she often has to pack the 1.5m skeleton in the car when they have to go to the shops or other outings.

According to a report, the unlikely alliance between the boy and the skeleton began about a week or so ago when he found the skeleton, an old Halloween party decoration, packed away in their basement.

Thinking she could use it to start decorating for their Halloween festivities this year, she helped him bring it up to the living area. All which went well until Theo decided he wanted to bring the skeleton along to his play date at a nearby dam.

Apparently, his mom said he flat out refused to get into the car without it. When they arrived at the dam for the play date, he wouldn’t get out the car without either… Since then, the skeleton’s been going everywhere with him.

His mom has shared snaps and videos of Theo and the skeleton, which they have named Benny, on Instagram and TikTok. In the adorable pics, you can see Benny playing on the beach, riding in the grocery trolley at the shop, going down a slide and even being fed by Theo!

According to his mom, the novelty has worn off a bit of late but he does still demand that Benny stays in his bedroom with him at night. She admits this does freak her out a bit, but Benny is propped on a chair while her toddler sleeps happily through the night!

Watch the video below:

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