Katy Perry says being a mom is the hardest job ever and we should advocate for paid family leave

While it’s only been a few weeks since the birth of her baby girl, Daisy Bloom, popular singer Katy Perry has come out to say that being a mom is the hardest job ever! And we couldn’t agree more.

“Popular misconception: being a mom isn’t a full time job,” the pop star tweeted on Thursday (24 September) along with a baby bottle, upside smile and a losing it face emoji.

As all moms will know, especially moms with newborns like Katy, it’s exhausting and a never-ending 24/7 cycle of feeding, burping and changing nappies. In fact, there’s days it’s an achievement to even brush your hair, brush your teeth and get out of your PJs!

The singer also took the opportunity to put to rest some gender-bias misconceptions about maternity leave, which we applaud!

“When a mom finally goes back to work (whatever profession they do), it’s not like they been coming from months of ‘time off…’ she’s coming from a full time job… of being a mom, lol,” she wrote.

She also acknowledged the support she’s received from her mom in helping her cope with all the demands new motherhood brings, and urged her KatyCats to call their moms to “tell her you love and appreciate her,” and to continue to advocate for paid family leave.

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Katy says that while she enjoys being a pop star, when it comes to being a mom, “I love my job.”

As one of Katy’s fans said, “You’re only just begun! Wait – it’s [being a mom] the hardest job on the planet, but you get the most satisfaction, too”.

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