WATCH: This is why you don’t mess with a pregnant woman!

When you’re pregnant, it’s well known that your hormones are all over the place. One moment you’ll be happy and the next you’ll be all weepy, or something your partner does will set you off even though you know you’re being completely ridiculous over something that’s actually not a big deal. Of course, as you well know, the further along you are in your pregnancy, the worse it gets. And if you’re tired or hot and bothered, your partner knows it’s best to keep a low profile!

Medical experts advise that if you’re dealing with common pregnancy symptoms like irritability and mood swings, you should make sure that you get more rest, eat nutritious food regularly, take walks or do gentle yoga, and spend more time with friends and family who will boost your spirits.

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But one expecting mom had another solution – she made a TikTok video to share her frustrations to make her feel better.

The video, which is titled with the caption, “Pregnancy hormones got me like…”, starts with @KimPerryCo cleaning the kitchen. She’s wearing a pair of white shorts and a white button-up shirt that doesn’t quite allow for her big baby bump. As she goes through the motions of wiping down the counter, she asks her partner (who is obvioulsy off camera) to take out the rubbish.

He responds by telling her that he’ll take it out “in a second.” Obviously, this was NOT the response she was expecting and you can see, from the dagger eyes she gives him, she is not pleased – at all.

After a moment’s pause, and no further response from her partner, she grabs the rubbish bag and furiously shakes it out saying, “I’ll just do it myself!”

The video, which was obviously made to be funny, was posted on TikTok with the caption “Nesting+hormones. Who can relate?” and has been shared by moms-to-be who said they totally get how she felt at that stage of her pregnancy.

Watch it below:

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