weeLove: A Must-have for Sniffle Season

Sick Day Prep Kit

Feel Better with Fridababy 

With the change of seasons comes… cold season (along with various other bugs to keep parents Googling all night!). Get prepped ahead of time with the Sick Day Kit from Fridababy. It’s packed with essentials to help your under-the-weather baby feel better, faster. 

What’s inside: The kit contains the beloved NoseFrida SnotSucker. Yes, you read that right. Better than a typical bulb, this doctor invented nasal aspirator clears stubborn boogers out of a stuffy nose in no time. And when it comes to successful (and actually soothing!) medicine administering, the MediFrida features a pacifier-style dispenser to help your baby swallow the right dose, without spitting up. And since runny noses can happen anytime, anywhere… clean up quickly with handy BreatheFrida Snot Wipes. Lastly, help your little one breathe easier with the BreatheFrida Vapor Rub Chest Balm. 

Did you ever think you’d find things like Snot Suckers and Snot Wipes so exciting? Welcome to parenthood!

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