WATCH: Clever toddler soothes grandma to sleep so he can play with her phone

You know the saying when the cat’s away, mice play? We couldn’t help laughing at this adorable video of a little boy who seems to have tricked his “babysitter” to get hold of her phone.

In the boomerang clip below you can see the toddler happily engrossed with the phone while his granny is snoozing in his lap on her bed. The clever tot has the phone in one hand, while the other strokes her hair.

We can only assume she fell asleep while asking him to play with her hair. And being such a smart boy, he’s taken the opportunity to lull his granny to sleep so he can get hold of her phone when she’s not looking.

The young mom captions the clip, “Told my mom to watch my baby came back he was watching her.”

What’s so funny is how super chilled the little boy is with both the phone and his sleeping granny. But, we didn’t want to be in her shoes when she woke up and found her daughter had caught her napping when she’s supposed to be babysitting!

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