Moms are terrified of their kids being kidnapped – rating child safety systems on social media

South African parents are still reeling after the attempted kidnapping of a 4-year-old girl at a restaurant in Gauteng almost 3 weeks ago.

Just a couple of days ago a woman warned other parents on her Facebook page of a kidnapper scam. The privacy settings of Zaheera Casey’s Facebook profile seems to have changed in the meantime, but according to a report, Zaheera wrote on her Facebook page that her friend’s son was almost kidnapped.

“We were at the Noordhoek Common today for a playdate. After we left, a man approached my friend’s nanny and asked her to assist with kidnapping my friend’s son.”

According to the report, the mom said the following: “Our nanny was with our son today at the common and someone approached her wanting to make a deal. He asked her a lot of questions about how much money we had, how much money she earned, if she wants a fancy house now, and that she must contact a certain number to make a deal. There is obviously a lot more detail to this, but basically the insinuation was her getting a lot of money and that our son was involved somehow.

She was able to get hold of me and get herself and my son out of the conversation and wait for me near an adt car until I got there. She is a wreck, I am a wreck, but everyone is safe.

This happened now, to us, not a second-hand story. Please talk to any childminders, other moms and be aware yourselves. We’re reporting this to the police so that hopefully they will patrol.”

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How can we keep our kids safe?

Mom groups are overflowing with posts of concerned moms asking each other about safety harnesses and other child safety systems they can use when going out in public with their kids.

What has our world come to? It shouldn’t be necessary for parents to cuff their kids to them when they go the shop or to put them on a leash just to make sure that they go home with them again after the grocery shopping run!

Here’s what child safety systems moms are recommending:

“I used to hate those leashes and harnesses. I always thought people treated their kids like animals. But I’m now 100% on board with it. At least you know your child is safe. I feel really bad for judging people about it previously.”

“I used the wrist band at first, but it snapped when my son started running ahead of me. It’s not really trustworthy – rather use the harness.”

“I loved the harness because you can put it on backwards and they can’t take it off.”

“It’s so sad that we have to go to these lengths to keep our kids safe. It won’t be long before you say the whole of SA’s kids walking in public wearing harnesses and safety arm straps. They can’t even go play on their own in the restaurant play area anymore. It’s really sad.”

“I bought a R99 arm strap that is pulled closed on my daughter’s arm and has a clip on my side. People have asked me oh is she your dog so I told her to bark. I will do what is necessary to protect my child. And R99 was a very small price to pay to do what I can to protect her. I feel better if I have to turn to the counter to place and order and the shop is full etc if I can feel her arm band. It takes one second for something to go wrong. You get me? We grew up with these because our area had children disappearing in the 80s. My gran kept us on these to keep an eye on us in the shops.”

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