Posting for advice, for the last week and a half we have been woken continuously throughout the night my next doors baby.

For context the baby is about 5-6 months old. We’ve always been able to feintly hear him crying (he seems to be a very fretful baby) but it’s never kept us awake at night. For the last week however his screaming has sounded as though he’s in the room with us.

We live in a terraced house, have no children of our own and so want to move but it’s not a quick process.

I’m on good terms with my neighbours and wondered if it would be reasonable for me to text them (how we chat due to Covid) to ask if their little boy has been sleeping in a different room this past week because we can hear him when we couldn’t before.

I don’t want to make either of them feel bad or embarrassed but I would like to work out why the noise is suddenly amplified.

Are there any parents here who could offer advice on how to approach this please?

P.S. please don’t have a go about sympathising with the parents, I really do, but it’s not ok that we are unable to stay asleep between 1am and 5am every night.

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