WATCH: American model mom lovingly shows off stretch marks

Stretch marks are unavoidable when you fall pregnant – but guess what moms? You don’t have to hide them or even let them affect your self-confidence.

We read this really powerful quote about stretch marks we think all moms should see:

“Each mark signifies the strength my body used to create you. Each mark demonstrates the miracle that you are. Each mark reminds me just how lucky I am to have you. They may not be pretty. But they are mine. And because I have them. I have you.” – Author unknown

So, every time you feel down about your stretch marks, read this quote and watch this video below of American plus-sized model Ashley Graham giving her stretch marks some love.

Women around the world have been responding to Ashley’s video thanking her for normalising stretch marks and letting them know that they’re not alone:

“I love this so much I could cry. Real women have curves, stretch marks, C-section marks, you name it. Thank you for making the stigma disappear.”

“Thank you for this! I’m 41 weeks and my stomach is red raw. I’m trying to give myself grace and know that with every stretch, my baby is healthy and growing. So, thank you 💕”

“Body shaming myself hard today… man did I need this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️”

“The other day I got down on myself from stretch marks I’ve developed because of my pregnancy… and then I remembered seeing yours, how you wear them proudly, and how beautiful you are – so thank you. I really appreciate you.”

“Thank you for normalizing the beauty of stretch marks!! I’m grateful my children live in a world where they will see the beauty of ALL bodies. It’s taken me years to love my body. ❤️”

“So empowering! Thank you! ❤️”

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