The baby I used to care for

In January I was a nanny for a family. The family had an 8 month old baby. The job was awful and the mother was very difficult. I was just thinking back to the baby and where most babies are developmentally as far as motor skills for his age. Despite being 8 months old he was just beginning to start to sit up on his own. In addition he was just barely starting to crawl. I'm pretty sure babies should be able to sit up on their own by roughly 6 months and should be fully crawling by roughly 8-9 months. I think this was because the mother held him so much. She didn't really let him have any independence. I felt bad. The baby was very healthy and adorable but she had a lot of issues that affected the baby. Even though the doctor told her that the babies weight and appetite was healthy she would have me try to force feed him when he didn't want to eat and had me sleep feed him. She was freaking out about him not eating enough and I said well the doctor said that it's normal for him to be eating less and that he was a perfect weight and was eating enough. She said I didn't understand and that the doctor had no idea what she was talking about. She gave him a ton of supplements and herbs and stuff because she didn't want him to get sick. She even gave him adult immune boost supplement because she was so scared he would get sick. But the supplement actually made him throw up. She was so paranoid and neurotic. One time the baby was crying for like 40 minutes and she accused me of hurting him because "he never cries like this" and went to check the cameras to make sure nothing happened. Then said maybe she should take him to the er. A little while later he stopped crying and was just super fussy because he was teething. I no longer work this job but i often think of the baby and feel bad for him. Her older son was 5 and had a lot of issues, behavioral and more.

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