WATCH: 5-year-old sings Master KG’s Jerusalema

We all know how young kids love to put on a show – especially in front of their grannies and grandpas. But we think this cute video of Teddie singing along to Master KG’s popular Jerusalema deserves special bragging rights.

The boy’s proud grandpa, Mike Guymer, recently took to Facebook to share how his grandson has taken to the song – not with the moves exactly, but by singing it in Zulu from beginning to end.

In the video, the 5-year-old with his mop of curly blonde hair sits in front of the TV, anxiously waiting for his favourite song to come on the screen so he can start his performance.

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Ignoring his baby brother prancing around him, he sings along to the the song that took the whole world by storm, articulating the words as best he can. Throughout the song Teddie is seated, concentrating intently on the words. Just before the end of the song, almost as an afterthought, he finally decides to stand up and pull out some of the dance moves, which had us cheering.

“Teddie said to me this afternoon that he wanted to make me happy by signing me a song. In ZULU. He’s only 5. Love him to bits, very proud grandad,” wrote Teddie’s grandpa in the caption to the video he shared.

The video has received more than 20 000 views from Saffas who have praised the boy’s sweet debut with comments like, ““Kids are a blessing. Generation that will change the world”, and “Priceless.”

Watch the video below:

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