WATCH: Mom turns the tables on her toddler’s tantrum – and the result is priceless!

This mom’s classic performance to put an end to her 18-month-old toddler’s tantrum has us in stitches. We’re not sure about you, but there have been many times we have felt like flinging ourselves to the floor in frustration and having the same hissy fit in front of our child. Just so they know what it feels like!

According to a video report, Abi Burdenn was sick and tired of her daughter Ava’s daily tantrums, so she decided it was time she had one too.

In the clip taken at their home in Salisbury in the UK, the barefoot toddler walks into the living room, dressed in pink tracksuit bottoms and a white t-shirt. You can see from her teary face that she’s not a happy chappy, and there are toys strewn across the floor.

As she makes her way through the toys and turns towards her mom, she flings one she’s already holding on the carpet in frustration, giving her foot a little stamp and starts to cry. (You know, that kind that goes on and on and on…)

But her mom knows her tricks. Before the toddler can take it any further her mom decides to throw her own tantrum, falling onto the floor in front of her and fake crying like a baby. As the mom rolls around on the ground, kicking her legs in the air, the little girl stops her crying in absolute amazement.

She stares at her mom in confusion, the caption on the screen reading: ”Wtf you doing mum”.

As she watches her mom’s dramatic antics in amazement, the toddler changes her tune and her crying turns into laughing… and it sounds so much better. We think Abi’s performance deserves a standing ovation.

Of course, if you’re going to try it on your own toddler next time she has a meltdown, just be warned – the distraction won’t work every time. Still, it’s definitely worth a shot when you’re at your wits end…

Watch the video below:

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