WATCH: Little boy gets his heart broken and Saffas feel for him!

It’s always a bittersweet lesson – but love hurts. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson most of us have to learn in life  – sometimes several times over. But it’s never easy as one little boy has already discovered at a very young age.

In the sweetest clip filmed by his mom @aypee­madicks, the little boy shares with his mama in Xhosa how the girl that he loved has broken his heart by dumping him for someone new.

When his mom asks him if he’s okay, he just shakes his head in despair. You can see the tears building up in his eyes as he tries to be brave about this devastating turn of events.

The mom then asks he if he spoke to the girl about what she’s done, to which he replies: “She says she doesn’t love me anymore…”

The mom said she shared the video as “he made me emotional – his first heartbreak”.

Within a few hours the video went viral as South Africans reacted to this special mom and son moment. Many congratulated her for the way she dealt with her boy’s break-up and for being present at a time when her son needed to talk to her.

The mom has subsequently posted an update to say, “My king is healing from his heartbreak”  – and we’re so relieved.

Watch the video below:

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