There was no waiting for this mom who gave birth at a busy taxi rank!

You can have the best birth plan and gynae or midwife in the world, but when your baby decides it’s time to make her entry into the world, there’s going to be no stopping her, whether you’re ready or not.

Bomikazi Hlabong discovered this for herself when she had to cut short her trip for a pregnancy check-up at Somerset Hospital in Cape Town to give birth to her baby at a busy taxi rank last week.

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According to a report, the mom-to-be was travelling from Dunoon to the Somerset Hospital for a routine check-up. When she arrived at the Station Deck minibus-taxi interchange in the city centre, her water had already broken and she had severe labour pains.

Realising what was going to go down, Bomikazi approached Security SA staff at the main guard house for help. They took her into the guard office to phone for an ambulance, but when it became clear to them that the ambulance wouldn’t get there in time, they jumped into action. They made the mom comfortable by letting her lie on blankets and then guided her through the entire labour process!

The healthy baby girl, Lulandalo, was born just after 9am, after which she and mom was taken to Somerset Hospital for further assistance.

We love a good ending and the new mom’s “support team” have become our heroes overnight for stepping up when it mattered for this mom.

In fact, one of the security officers shared his experience on his Facebook page, saying security officers always get judged on what they do and the steps they take to uphold the law. He says that “a uniform shouldn’t define you as a person”  and adds that he gets to “play different roles every day”.

“Sometimes you are a psychologist, fireman, mechanic and a bearer of bad news. Today was totally different, today I assisted mommy and other colleagues deliver [a] baby. Today I became a doctor,” he said with obvious pride in the call of duty. Cheekily, he signs off as “Dr Khan”!

We always get judged on what we do and the steps we take to uphold the law,I was always told this uniform shouldn’t…

Posted by Rafeeq Khan on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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