8 struggles only moms in their 30’s will understand

We’ve all experienced that horrifying moment when you look for an adult, but then realise you are the adult and have to just roll with the punches and adult. It’s amazing how we thought people in their 30’s had all the knowledge in the world when we were kids – they looked so calm and collected and on top of things. But now that we’re there – we don’t really feel old at all and sometimes we even feel that we need an older adult – someone more experienced in adulting to take over from us or to give us some advice.

mom struggles

If you’re a mom in your 30’s, we’re pretty sure you can relate with some (if not all) of the below mom struggles.

We’re not about the latest fashion trend, comfort is key

Moms, if you’ve been to the shops lately, you’ll be just as frustrated as us – why is everyone selling crop tops? Do they not realise there’s a whole generation of women who would still like the bottom half of the shirt? We can’t go to a play date with our kids only wearing half a shirt, right?

We want to go out with our friends, but sometimes we’re just too tired

If you haven’t used your kids as an excuse as to why you can’t go out – are you even really a parent? We’ve all done it – made plans to go on the ultimate girl’s night out – but these plans often get cancelled last minute because of sick kids or babysitters who cancel. And, if we’re really honest, sometimes we’re just too tired to squeeze into that sexy little black number, do our hair and put on make-up after a whole day of momming and cleaning up after everyone. So, we say Johny is throwing up and wants us to stay at home with him – but all you really want to do is have a 2-minute shower, put on your comfy PJ’s and drink a glass of wine in peace and quiet.

Jumping exercises in public is a no-go

You used to be the life of the aerobic class at the gym – bouncing energetically up and down, 100 jumping jacks, no problem – 20 minutes on the rebounder – you’ve got it. Bring on childbirth and weakened pelvic floor muscles – now you don’t even dare sneeze or cough in public.

mom struggles

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Younger moms ask you for advice

(Insert snort giggle) – yeah, we know – we have no idea what we’re doing most of the time, but the kids are still breathing and in one piece so we must be doing something right. Don’t tell the 24-year-old mom at play group that you’re just winging it. Give her the little pearls of wisdom that worked for you and continue looking like you’ve got this adulting thing under control.

You’re always looking for a ‘miracle cream’

When someone on your mom group asks what’s the best face cream and concealer to hide everything from wrinkles and pimples to dark circles under your eyes, you watch the comment section like a hawk. Since you don’t have time for sleep, facials or the budget for expensive actual miracle creams, you’re hoping one of your fellow moms have found the secret to affordable beauty in a jar.

Mom struggles

The kiddies play area at restaurants is your new hangout spot

So, your friends invited you for a Saturday afternoon boozy lunch – you haven’t seen them in ages and since there’s a play area for the kids, you decide to go – it will be fun. You barely speak 10 words with them because you have to run after the kids and watch them go down the slide a million times while running back and forth to fetch them chicken strips, milkshakes and pieces of pizza while hubby has a fat conversation with his mate over a couple of beers. Is this really what has become of our social lives?

mom struggles

You’re a 30-something-year-old trapped in an 80-year-old body

You used to go to gym six days a week for an hour every day, now bending over to change your baby’s nappy, sleeping in the wrong position or just carrying your little one for too long can leave you feeling like you’re in traction the next day. You now understand why moms always said – get a first aid kit and stock it with everything – it’s not necessarily for the kids…

Losing weight is almost impossible

You really want to fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, and you wake up every morning with the best intentions of sticking to your healthy eating plan, but who can lose weight when you have to finish the kids’ leftovers for dinner every night? It’s not like you have time to prepare two separate meals, so you just eat what’s left on the go in between bath time, bed time and cleaning the kitchen.


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