7 mom tried-and-tested tips to get Gloop out of kids’ clothes

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Gloop putty and slime that our kids play with. You bought it because your little one begged you to, you probably knew then that at some point it will end up stuck to your child’s clothes, the carpet, your car seat, your child’s bedding and even your couches!

Don’t stress mom, you don’t have to buy a throw for the couch or throw out your little one’s dress.

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Moms share their tips to get Gloop out of clothes and other fabrics:

“Rub sunlight dishwashing liquid on the item that has Gloop on it and leave it for a while before washing, we use that for everything!”

“Rub Pine Gel on the stain and leave in the sun for a while. You can even rub in some white vinegar and sunlight liquid with the Pine Gel. Rub the stain with luke warm water until the Gloop comes out.”

“Rub as much of the Gloop off the stain and then rub an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on the stain – throw in the washing machine and it will come out.”

“If the Gloop is on your child’s clothes or bedding, put the items in the freezer – you can then just peel the Gloop off.”

“Take ice blocks and rub it over the Gloop. It’ll get hard like bubble gum, the lightly scratch it off with a razor.”

“Soak your child’s clothes in Bicarbonate of Soda and white vinegar, rub the stain a little and then put in washing machine.”

“I use ALL-Rite for all stains – blood, grease, oil – anything. It gets rid of the stain every time. Just spray it on the stain and then throw in the washing machine.”

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