WATCH: Toddler gets potty training seat stuck around his head!

Potty training didn’t go down well for this poor toddler in the US who got his head stuck in his toilet seat this week. And while we do feel sorry for him, we can’t stop laughing. As moms know well, toddlers are curious about everything, and for some bizarre reason, toilets seem to provide endless fascination – especially for boys!

The whole toilet seat emergency was recorded on a TikTok video by the toddler’s mom, Abby, who was at home with her 2-year-old at the time. Apparently, her son, Reuben Paull, was toilet training and the incident happened when she turned her back.

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In the clip, Abbie asks Reuben to explain to her what’s happened. In typical toddler fashion, he first tries to evade the subject. But with his mom waiting patiently for an answer, he admits, “There’s a toilet seat on my head.”

Faced with a rather tricky dilemma, they first try oiling up the seat to see if they can get it off his head. But when this doesn’t work, dad finally has to pull out the big guns – and hauls out his hacksaw.

Next you see a close up of poor Reuben’s face as he tries his best to hold still while his dad tries to work his way through the plastic toilet seat without harming his little one.

This goes on for a few seconds, during which we all hold our breath for Reuben. But finally, he’s set free!

Like us, you’re probably also still wondering what Reuben really was doing with his head in the toilet. Was he trying it on for size? Your guess is as good as ours.

Watch the video below:

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