Moms share their tried-and-tested tips to get rid of lice

You see your child scratching her head the whole time and instantly you just know what it is – head lice! Noooo! It’s going to take hours to get it out and you have to let the day care or school know (how embarrassing).

Don’t stress moms, it’s going to be okay.

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Moms share their tried-and-tested tips to get rid of head lice fast:

Colour your child’s hair

This might not be the best solutions for everyone, but one mom says after trying every other option to get rid of lice she finally bought a box of hair dye (colour closest to her little girl’s hair) and coloured it. She says they never had a problem with lice after that again.

Lice Shampoo

Many moms swear by the No More Lice Forever Shampoo. You can order this from Jorina Maritz ( One mom says she’s been using this on her child’s hair since March and he hasn’t had lice since. He washes his hair with it every second night.

Controlice products, available from Dis-Chem, also get the thumbs up from moms.

Home remedies

  • Mix brown vinegar and Stasoft together and rinse your hair with it. (We’re not sure what the quantities is here, but we’ll go with half-half).
  • Mix a good amount of shower gel, conditioner and Mayonnaise together and put it on your hair (or your child’s hair). Cover your hair with a plastic bag and sleep with it if you can. “We literally tried everything and it didn’t work until I discovered this recipe on Google,” says this mom.
  • Mix tea tree oil and peppermint drops with a bit of conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about 20 minutes and then comb out the lice and eggs. Works like a bomb they say.
  • “Wet your child’s head with mouthwash till all the hair is soaking wet, then cover the wet hair with a plastic bag for an hour. Rinse off. Then wet the hair with white wine vinegar till all the hair is wet and cover with a plastic bag again and leave in for an hour. Comb your child’s hair with the lice comb until you don’t see the lice and their eggs anymore. Then wash your child’s hair and dry and check for lice again. For maintenance, dilute mouthwash with water and spray on your child’s hair daily. It’s a long process but I’ve been doing this for almost two years and my little girl’s hair is still lice-free,” says this mom.
  • Cover your hair with coconut oil and comb through it – do this every second day until the lice are gone.
  • A couple of moms say this trick really worked for them. Just pour some coke of your child’s head and then was their hair as you normally would.
  • Well it seems Vaseline can be used for more than your skin. One mom says she covered her child’s hair in Vaseline and then combed it with a lice comb – leave it overnight and then comb again the next morning before washing your child’s hair – no more lice.

Straighten your child’s hair

Many moms also recommend washing your child’s hair, drying it and then straightening it with a hair straightener. They say it burns all the lice and eggs dead.

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