Moms share embarrassing (but hilarious) stories about their gynae visits

Motherhood changes you in many ways – your body goes through hundreds of changes; you get mom brain and sometimes you find yourself in really embarrassing situations.

One such situation is your gynae/doctor visit.

A mom had to go for her gynae check-up, she was running late – your day gets quite busy when you have two kids to look after. The kids were doing crafts that day – glitter, glue, paper – the works – it was everywhere. Just before leaving home she rushed to the bathroom quickly to freshen up down there before her gynae visit grabbing the closest wash cloth she could find. She rushed out the door and headed to her doctor’s office.

During her check-up, the gynae started his examination and while down there said: “Wow, you really didn’t have to go through all this trouble for me.”

The mom looked at him confused, not really sure what he meant, until later that night when she had her bath…

She had used a wash cloth covered in glitter to freshen up down there…

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We sometimes find ourselves in really embarrassing situations, but that’s okay – you have to laugh at yourself if you’re going to get through this thing called parenting.

We came across another conversation where moms shared their most embarrassing doctor’s visit stories and just had to share it with you.

“I didn’t know you had to wear a gown during your gynae visit. So, every time I went, I just sat on the bed (wearing my shirt luckily) with my clothes next to me. I only found out (well saw) after my last appointment (after the birth of my baby) that there’s a room with gowns that you’re supposed to put on. I felt like a complete idiot.”

“My Dr was busy doing a papsmeer and I asked him if it’s the best one he has seen today 🤦‍♀️”

“I have a really amazing gynae, but sometimes I struggle to hear what he says. With my first pregnancy my feet were really swollen. He had two rooms where he saw patients… He told me to the one room so long. When he came in, he told me to just rest for a while, but I heard undress… So, I started to, but luckily he stopped me 🙈”

“During my one sonar scan I told my gynae that he’s also actually a photographer because he takes photos of the baby. He stopped what he was doing and just glared at me.”

“Our son’s name is Marcus. At one of my gynae visits he asked me if we have a name for our son yet, so I said yes, Marcus. He wanted to know if it’s spelled with a ‘c’ or a ‘k’ so me with my pregnancy brain responded with a ‘M’.”

“The first time I went for an internal sonar my husband was with me in the room. When the gynae pulled a condom over the sonar stick all I could do was look at the roof and just pray 😂.”

“I was about 23 weeks pregnant when I went for a check-up. My gynae asked so how is it so far, but I heard ‘How is your dad? (Pa). So, I asked him what’s going on with my dad? I asked this to my gynaecologist 😂”

“When I got onto the bed I farted – but loud! Worst of all is that my farts never really smell, but that day it was really terrible. My husband was with me – he almost climbed underneath the bed. The doctor just got up and sprayed some air freshener by the aircon, I felt so embarrassed.”

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“I peed on my gynae’s bed. My bladder had to be full so we could find out the sex of our baby. I was 26 weeks pregnant already and was adamant to find out the sex that day. My doctor ran an hour late and when he pressed on my bladder the second time, it just came out.”

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