WATCH: Granny tries to bake cookies but toddler keeps on eating the ingredients

Like so many toddlers his age, little chef Cade can be a proper little Dennis the Menace. When we stumbled across the two-year-old’s baking video on social media this morning, we couldn’t help giggling at his kitchen antics.

In this video which is the latest in his cooking series on Instagram, Cade and his granny step in front of the camera to make chocolate chip cookies. But, judging by her reactions, we don’t think this “Nana” knew exactly what she’d signed up for! In the clip you see how each time she turns around, Cade quickly sneaks his little fingers into the bowl to get a taste of what’s in the making. First, he scores some butter (even after she told him explicitly not to touch it), then some sugar… he even gets a taste of the raw eggs that have just been added into the cookie mixture! And it’s hilarious.

The toddler who looks adorable in his chef’s hat and apron has that typical look of  “innocence” on his face each time he’s caught out –  even though the evidence is plain to see around his mouth.

We have to give it to Cade for his determination to taste each and every ingredient. And quite honestly, we think his granny deserves a trophy after their latest baking experience!

Watch the video below:

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