What does everyone think of this..?

So an old friend from high school went on a total hiatus for the past 10 years. Havent talked to her or heard anything about her at all since high school. Recently she made a Facebook and added all of her old friends so I've sorta caught up with her. She is married with 3 children now. (9M), (3F), (1M). My best friend reached out to her to hang out lastnight and started messaging me that she is concerned with certain behaviors regarding her children.

Mostly that her 1 year old kept trying to sleep in the dog kennel last night. And he would go up to it and say bed. She asked the old friend why he was doing that and she said "oh he just means dog bed" but they haven't been around dogs.

She also sent me a picture that she had received weeks ago that she didn't feel comfortable seeing.

I dont really know what to say or think. The kids otherwise seem to be in good health and are happy and normal. Its just this sleeping situation?? It is not right…. what do you guys think of this??

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