WATCH: Toddler finds friend in puppy with same birth condition

Introducing a new puppy to a toddler is always special – and it’s a moment that always tugs at the heart strings for parents. But this clip of a toddler with a cleft lip bonding with a puppy who has the very same birth condition has got us all teary-eyed.

The scene is pure joy as the toddler’s parents bring the two-year-old into the animal shelter in Michigan to meet the puppy he’ll be taking home. You can see the excitement on Bentley Boyers face as he waits to meet his puppy. Then, as his mom bends down to show him the puppy, pointing out that it seems he has something in common with the puppy, the little boy’s face lights up. Taking a closer look he promptly plants a kiss on the puppy’s mouth, gently reaching out for the adorable black-and-white dog.

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“This is my puppy,” he says to the camera with the biggest smile, pulling his new “new friend” on to his lap for more cuddles. Even while he’s being interviewed for the camera, the toddler keeps stroking and hugging his puppy. In turn, he gets a few licks of approval from the puppy, too.

According to Bentley’s mom, Ashley, he had a tough start to life where it was a struggle to get him to eat. She shares that despite this, he’s always been a happy baby and his birth defect hasn’t made him any different.

His dad, Brandon, spotted the special pup when he was visiting the shelter a few days ago to adopt some chicken.
The family feels that the puppy will help show him that he isn’t alone. “To see him have something in common with the puppy means he can grow up knowing both he and the puppy have something they’ve shared and have in common,” said Ashley.

Watch the video below:

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