Omuhle Gela shares adorable photo of her little girl!

The popular TV actress welcomed her “Mini Me’ with an adorable snap on social media yesterday.

In the styled pic you can only see her newborn’s little legs and feet. Omuhle has dressed her in the cutest little fluffy pink baby gro which tie at the ankles with pom poms, and pink cotton socks. The socks are still a teeny bit big for her, but we’re sure she’ll be growing into them in no time at all. Her baby is lying on a white receiving blanket dotted with tiny black spots and pink flowers, and next to her we can see is a fluffy teddy bear with “Baby Girl” embroidered on its paw.

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In the caption the new mom writes that her “heart is full” and that she’s over the moon with her precious little bundle: “God showed off and I see him daily in you. The most perfect gift I’ve ever received…”

Unlike several other local celebs who’ve revealed they’re expecting, Omuhle has been very private about her pregnancy, and her who the father of her baby is.

In a social media post last month she explained the reason was because it’s been an “extremely sentimental transition” for her, and she “genuinely wanted to enjoy it privately.”

The actress remains tight-lipped about who the father of her baby is, but it’s evident from a post to her followers that she’s really relished becoming a mother and is surrounded by a good support system.

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