Mom confession: “I have tasted my breast milk”

When you become a parent, you do things you never thought you’d ever do in your life – like taste your own breast milk.

Moms share what their breast milk taste like…

“Of course, I tasted it. I can’t give my baby anything without tasting it. It’s sweet and has this flavour I don’t know how to explain. But the sweetness is there.” – Podestah Mhlanga Mabale

“I licked it off my arm once when I was pumping 😂 it tastes sweet and similar to powdered milk like formula. I also tasted formula, and it’s very similar, but breast milk tastes nicer 😉” – Siobhaun Courty

“Sweet it was like Cremora, even my 10-year-old nephew asked me to express for him to have it with cereal.” – Say-bee Nkosi

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Phomolo Michelle says she has tasted her breast milk a couple of times. “I think it differs with the type of food we consume… I experienced different tastes.”

It’s sweet but has the aftertaste of a raw egg.” – Zikhona Salman-Zondo

“Definitely sweeter than cow’s milk.” – San-Marie Jolliffe

“It tastes sweet like the milk left over in bowl of Frosted Flakes.” – Liang Tasneem

“Tasted like Marshmallows.” – Storm Donaldson

“My hubby did, he was so curious as to why my first daughter couldn’t get enough. Said it tasted like weak milk.” – Nivashini Thaver

“It is very sweet. Actually, I have to share this: my mom was looking after my son when he was still being breastfed and I expressed milk in a bottle for him and went to write the conveyancing exam. She warmed the milk by placing it in a cup of boiling water and then wanted to check the temperature and dripped the milk on her wrist and then tasted it, totally forgetting that it is not formula milk. She said when I got home that she now completely understands why babies love mothers’ milk as it tastes so good and sweet.” – Lizké Gericke Combrink

“Hubby always do then I got curious. I tested and it’s like sweetcorn juice.” – Prie Previlege

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