Moms and dads, paternity testing in South Africa has just got easier!

Life happens and we sometimes find ourselves in unfortunate situations – like doubting who the father of our child is, or in some cases the father wanting proof that the child is really his. Relationships are complex and many factors can lead to either party wanting a paternity test.

But, it’s been a bit of an uphill battle in South Africa as there aren’t many options available for paternity testing.

You’ll be relieved to hear that there’s now a new option available to solve any doubts about who your baby’s dad is. One of the country’s top DNA testing companies, Geneway, now offers paternity testing using the DNA collected by buccal swabs in the mouth and cheeks.

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Why do a paternity test?

Paternity testing is an effective way to determine the biological father of a child. Every person inherits their DNA from their biological parents, half from their father and half from their mother. A DNA paternity test compares your child’s DNA with the assumed father’s DNA to work out if there’s a match.

The new service is available nationally and test kits can be delivered to you on request. Remember, consent forms will have to be signed by both parties being tested. Alternately, an affidavit can be used to confirm the consent of the biological mother if she isn’t testing herself.

How soon will I get the results?

Unlike other DNA tests, the samples don’t leave the country as they are analysed at one of South Africa’s top medical laboratories before a report is generated for the parents requesting the test.

More good news is that the use of DNA testing to determine the biological father of a child is 99,9% accurate. The turnaround time for results is approximately three to four weeks.

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