Dads to get 4 months parental leave as Vodacom introduces gender-neutral leave

If you’re planning a baby, or expecting one soon, you’ll be wishing you worked for Vodacom! The group has just become the first teleco in South Africa to offer 4 months parental leave – fully paid. This is irrespective of gender and sexual orientation.

In a statement, the company said this meant that any employee whose partner was having a baby, adopted a child or became a parent through surrogacy would have the flexibility to take up to 16 weeks paid leave at any time during the first 18 months of their baby’s life.

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Under their new leave policy, employees will also be able to phase their return from parental leave by working the equivalent of a 30-hour week at full pay for a further two months.

“We are proud to support all families by giving every parent the opportunity to have more time with their children, without worrying about the impact on their finances or careers,” said Matimba Mbungela, chief human resources officer for the Vodacom Group.

In March 2015, Vodacom pioneered a maternity policy, offering women across all its markets and operations six months fully paid maternity leave and a 30-hour week at full pay for the first six months after their return to work.

It also launched the ReConnect programme in 2017 to attract talented women who have left the workplace for several years – often to raise a family – and wanted to return to work but needed professional connections or to refresh their skills.

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