WATCH: Terrifying moment toddler gets caught up in kite

A 3-year-old girl got the fright of her life on Sunday when she ended up soaring about 100 feet up in the air at a Kite Festival in Taiwan.

According to a report, the kite was supposed to drop candy over the festival goers, which they believe may have attracted the toddler to investigate closer. She somehow became wrapped in the kite and when a sudden strong gush of wind came up, and she was swept up into the air with it – being tossed around violently. In the video you can hear her mother screaming.

Festival workers desperately try and get the kite down to the ground as the little girl is being thrashed around in the air by the tail of the kite – in the video you can see something falling from above – perhaps a shoe…

After what feels like agonising hours, the little girl is finally lowered to the ground and adults run to catch her.

According to Taiwan News, the little girl only suffered mild scratches to her face and neck.

We’re so glad she’s okay!

Watch the video below:

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