Why you should never underestimate your strength, mama!

Being a new mom is a tough job – not only are you dealing with the constant cycle of feeding, burping and changing your baby’s nappies on little to no sleep, you’re also dealing with your own changing body with all it’s hormonal highs and lows. But while getting into a new rhythm with your little one can be a very anxious time, it doesn’t mean giving up on your other dreams.

This is the reason why an inspiring photo of a young mom catching up on her studies while her baby sleeps on her chest quickly went viral when it was shared on social media this week.

Nicole Sharpe who is now a qualified OB/Gyn, shared her photo with her Instagram followers to motivate other moms to not give up when things are rough. She says that the snap was taken at a time when she was very stressed. She reveals she was struggling with breastfeeding but was also worried about finishing her residency and studying for her board exams.

“I was struggling like crazy, literally with a newborn in one hand and books in the other,” she says.

“I felt an enormous amount of pressure to finish residency and pass boards because of doubts from my attending physicians,” she says, adding that it was also, “honestly, just me doubting myself.”

She added that when she looks at the picture now, it reminds her “to go after what you want wholeheartedly.”

She concluded her post by appealing to moms to “finish whatever it is you started. Not just for yourself; but for everyone who is looking up to you.”

Women reacted by saluting the young mom for her determination to raise her baby and succeed in her dream to become a doctor.

Many wished her well while others shared words of encouragement.

Here are some of the comments to the mom’s IG post.

@fiore.pop said: “My story is similar 👶🏻 with two careers law and political sciences and two works and one baby of 5 months! Yes We can.”

@monicalynn9 said: “I started school when my daughter was almost 1. Being stuck in the library for days on end was painful. But like you, we are mama bears and we are strong for our babies. I’ll never get that time back with her, but she will always know her mother worked her butt off to give her a better life.”

@lfherkewitz said: “I look at this picture and see an absolute goddess. I cannot even fathom studying that hard with “mom brain fog” and sleepless nights. Congratulations on your accomplishments of not only raising an adorable little one, but of receiving your doctorate and settling an incredible example.” for your little one.

@tmr515 said: “You can do anything!!!”

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