WATCH: Viral video shows what really happens during a C-section

Birthing a baby is nothing short of incredible – no matter how you choose to do it. If you’ve decided to have a C-section you’ve probably tried Googling to see how the procedure is done, but most likely only came across some really scary, graphic videos and images.

A video has gone viral showing what ‘actually’ happens during a C-section – the best part – there’s no images of skin being cut away…

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Blogger and International Caesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) advocate, Jesse Frank used a stack of felt and crafted it into a handmade demonstration of what happens during a C-section.

In a report she said, “How better to explain the seriousness of Caesareans than something you can touch? To be able to look at and touch all those layers.”

We don’t always realise that a C-section is actually major abdominal surgery and we love the accessible way in which she has shown moms-to-be what it would be like to have a caesarean.

Watch the video below:

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