Mom shares tips if you’re returning to work after maternity leave during a pandemic

You’ve had your baby during a pandemic (which was probably really scary), but now it’s time to go back to work, which can be even scarier – especially in this new world where most people are now working from home.

How do you get back into the swing of things when you can’t see people face-to-face at the office? How do you get back into a work routine after months of being on maternity leave? It’s not like you can drop your baby off at day care and head to the office…

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Ashley (Nerz) Levey, group manager of brand marketing and communications at LinkedIn shared these tips on her LinkedIn profile for moms returning to a virtual world after maternity leave:

  • Don’t wait for colleagues to reach out. Do a quick round of hellos on your company’s communication platform – whether it be Zoom, Teams or Slack to re-establish your office community. People might not reach out first because they’re worried they’ll bombard you as you settle in. As you won’t be running into anyone in the office hallways, it can get quite lonely at home.
  • Make sure you have boundaries in place. It can be easy to get the lines between work and home life blurred when you’re working from home. “I learned quickly how easy it is to work until you parent and then sleep with no break. Now I am being intentional about communicating them (my boundaries) with my team so I can get outside during the day and create a break between both jobs,” she says.
  • Push yourself to connect with someone outside your company once a week. Ashley says it’s important to get outside of your bubble because it’s much trickier to network when you’re working from home, and you’re also more likely to fall into a routine.

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